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Key duties of a RightWay Staging Home Manager:

•Keep the home and property clean and clutter-free.

•Be friendly and willing to cooperate with realtors as showing are scheduled.

•Have nice furnishings appropriate to homes in our program. (Please learn more about our furniture rental program if you are concerned that your furnishings are unsuitable)

•Follow the guidance of our professional stager in decorating and arranging your furnishings.

•Be willing to move within 30 days when the home sells (RightWay Staging pays for your moving cost when you move into another one of our vacant listings)

•Keep a positive attitude and enjoy your new living experience!

Contact us now to learn more about becoming a Home Manager with RightWay Staging!

Our Home Managers are families or individuals who enjoy the benefit of living in a beautiful home without committing to a mortgage or a long-term lease. Some of our Home Managers are thinking of buying in a particular area of town and our program offers a "try-before-you-buy" type of option. Others may be looking for suitable housing to downsize their monthly budget and still others simply enjoy living in luxurious homes for a fraction of the normal cost.

What is required of a Home Manager?

We're looking for individuals or families willing to responsibly manage a home and fully cooperate with realtors who are trying to sell the home. It's not a difficult process and the rewards are enormous. Our primary goal is to keep the home staged and very appealing for the audience of buyers in the area.

Interested in becoming a Home Manager?

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